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Don Hulse, DVM, DECVS

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgery

Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon


Dr. Hulse was led to veterinary orthopedics by his passion for mechanics and his unconditional love for animals. As a clinician, he has dedicated his surgery career to providing minimally-invasive orthopedic care at at a fair and accessible price.

Dr. Hulse has built a lasting legacy in veterinary medicine through decades of helping other veterinarians and technicians advance their careers. As a world-renowned lecturer and researcher, he is frequently invited to teach at national and international veterinary conferences. Dr. Hulse has also authored books and chapters for veterinary textbooks, including his contributions to the industry-defining textbook, Small Animal Arthroscopy. As a clinical researcher, he has focused his work on minimally invasive orthopedic procedures for fractures and joint disorders. 

Dr. Hulse received his DVM from Texas A&M Veterinary School in 1970. He completed his surgical training at Kansas State University in 1973 and was board certified in 1977. In addition to working as a surgeon in private practice, Dr. Hulse has been teaching veterinary orthopedic surgery as an A&M faculty member for over 30 years. 

Don enjoys spending his free time in Austin and College Station with his wife and son.

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